astrology 2016

With 2016 on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to hone in on your goals, aspirations and resolutions for the new year. Below, a summary on what’s in store for every sign.

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Preview: You love to be busy, and this year you will be. With love, business, travel and advancing your studies, you need to be organized to achieve everything on your list.

Love: Love commitment is very possible this year. But be realistic, stay grounded, and remember, all relationships take work.

Business: Your dedication and past efforts at work can pay off with abundant success for your career – stay the course.

Challenge: Be careful not to take on more than you can handle and stay focused on your main goals.

Success: Connections are important, mix with the right people and anything is possible.

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 Preview: This year, stand in your circle of power and stand up for what you want and believe. Education is important, the more you know the more in demand you will be.

Love: Lucky Jupiter sends love right to your heart center, but make sure you are not too busy to recognize it.

Business: You can steadily work to build your bank balance now, which will provide security for the future.

Challenge: Time management is important, aim for quality time, not quantity, with those you love.

Success: Ruled by Venus, the more you focus on looking and feeling great the more confidence and energy you have to live life to the full.

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Preview: Your creative intellect gets the attention of power players this year, and when you associate with people who compliment your skills, life can be exciting and rewarding.


Love: Relationships are all about stability, not frivolous flirtations. But to attract the love you desire, be prepared to deal with your emotional baggage and leave it behind.

Business: Financial support is possible, but don’t leave all the details to someone else, take responsibility for your own security.

Challenge: To realize that some people may not be as sincere as they present themselves.

Success: Operate from a level of integrity and show others the real you.

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Preview: Your life can change this year, and although the process can be unsettling, it does promise excitement and optimism for the future.
Love: Romance is intense and passionate, and if single, your solo days could come to an end. Remember, all relationships require compromise.
Business: These next two years present options to build business and set solid foundations. Be prepared to juggle work with other responsibilities, such as your home affairs.
Challenge: It’s important to look after yourself. Good sleep, diet and exercise provide the energy and endurance to operate at an optimal level.
Success: Focus on priorities, don’t try to do everything or be everything to all people.
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