22056050In the realm of fashion, Dion Lee is known as the Boy Wonder of Australia. The Sydney-based fashion designer has proved himself to be the dark horse since launching his eponymous label in 2008, and since then making his brand known internationally by presenting his collections in London and Paris. Known for his sharply structured and architectural tailoring, he will be showcasing his fall 2015 collection at Singapore Fashion Week. Before he impresses us on the runway yet again, here are five fun facts we found out about him: 

1. He has a total of 10 collections thus far, and most of them are inspired by Australia’s environment and surroundings. 

2. For his fall 2012 collection, the black heels worn by the models for his show at London Fashion Week were designed by musician Kanye West. 

Dion Lee's fall 2012 collection, shoes designed by Kanye West.
Dion Lee’s fall 2012 shoes designed by Yeezus.

3. Known as a KOABD—that’s “Kind of a Big Deal”, for those not fluent in smartphone language—, his pieces are stocked at retail site Net-a-Porter and he was also the winner of the International Woolmark Prize in Australia. 

Dion Lee's Woolmark Award entry
Dion Lee’s Woolmark Award entry

4. His advice for aspiring fashion designers? Always look forward to something at the end, even if it’s a holiday. 

5. Just like how he likes his clothes simple, he likes his frozen yogurt the same way too—plain with just one fruit topping. Or honeycomb.

See the event line up for day two of Singapore Fashion Week here.