Tex Saverio

Tex Saverio is Indonesia’s fashion wunderkind who’ll be partnering with Love, Bonito to produce a capsule collection that’s bound to be a hit among fans of the online retailer. Here, he speaks to us about the partnership and working with the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

How did this collaboration with Love, Bonito come about?

[Viola Tan and Rachel Lim from] Love, Bonito approached us while they were in Jakarta for a Business trip. They arranged a meeting with us and we quickly felt the connection and realized the potential of a limited edition collection that would combine Tex’s sharp and bold structures with Love, Bonito’s feminine silhouettes. The collection combines the softness of infinite pastel skies contrasted with sharp branch motifs, gracefully molding the dash of renowned Tex’s boldness with Love, Bonito’s aura of femininity

You’re known for your theatrical designs. How did you apply that to the collection?

I decided to translate the DNA applied in intricate details such as embroideries and laser cuts into more accessible designs such as prints… It is important to understand the audience we are delivering to before designing. It is challenging and stimulates creativity to answer to a new type of consumer.

What are the key pieces to take note of?

I feel that the playsuit and jumpsuit are the stronger pieces for this collection. Both incorporate the edgy prints that represent my signature style, but are also playful and feminine enough for the everyday woman. It also suits to the silhouette that is definitely in trend for Love, Bonito’s audience.

What are some misconceptions about Indonesian designers?

People from the international fashion scene are surprised when they see how creative the Indonesian fashion industry is. They are paying more attention to this market. I believe Indonesian designers have the capability to bring up new trends and technics. Unfortunately people abroad tend to think that Indonesian fashion is mostly related to the country’s rich heritage such as batik, kain tenun, etc. I want to show the world that Indonesia is much more than just a traditional fashion country. Indonesian fashion is now growing fast, and it’s also moving towards modernity. There are a lot of talented designers in Indonesia that can offer the same level as international designers, in terms of design and quality.

You’ve dressed Lady Gaga. How did the opportunity come about?

Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicolas Formichetti contacted us after our Couture show in July 2014. It was an honor for me to dress Lady Gaga at this stage of my career. Some people might perceive this as an unattainable dream, but it takes ambition to believe that it can be done even though the fashion industry in Indonesia is still developing itself. [Working with Lady Gaga] is a chance for me to say that we can open that door and deliver a message about who we are [to the world]. 

Look out for our runway review of the Love Bonito show tomorrow.