SFW Day2 LR-3278One of the most compelling fashion figures to emerge from Down Under in recent years, Dion Lee has made a mark for himself in the global fashion scene for examining the intimate relationship between a woman’s body and her clothes by way of tailoring. Lee’s sublime designs are often architectural but never dramatic, bypassing the theatrical shtick that has defined some of his contemporaries’ aesthetics.

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SFW Day2 LR-2843Last night, Lee proved exactly why he’s a master tailor to look out for. An all-white stunner that opened the show came with sculptural drapes that cascaded down the front of the outfit like a dream. All forms of skirts, slit high to show off the legs, were constructed in the same vein to ensure plenty of movement as the models took to the catwalk. The collection transitioned from a stark white palette to jewel tones such as emerald and mysterious ink, which gave louche dresses layered with delicate netting a newfound sensuality that’ll last well into the night.

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