Fall/Winter 2016


Spring/Summer 2017


Mashizan Masjum is bursting into the footwear market with his latest fall/winter 2016 inspired by volcanic rocks. The made-in-Italy collection takes inspiration from his 2005 documentary titled Inside The Volcano, that studies the beautiful landscapes of Mt. St. Helens to Iceland. In forms of rich textures of Hawaiian lava to the jagged rock of Santorini—the bold metallic textures are a testimony of Mashizan’s sophistication and elegance.

For spring/summer 2017, the documentary Xtreme Living (2009) provided the designer inspiration in the form of dramatic curvature architecture and textures. He shared with BAZAAR, “through these travels, I experienced what each of these homeowners saw as functional and beautiful. Their definition of comfort and style aren’t necessarily for everyone, but one thing is consistent in all of them: No matter how bizarre the exteriors are, there is always a uniform desire to make the interiors cosy and homely.”

By Desiree Liew