Yvette King—anchor at Fox Sports News and 30 minute show Fox Sports Central (LIVE)—is a regular face on TV who’s crossed paths with international stars as power couple David and Victoria Beckham, supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Eva Longoria. In 2013, the half-Korean, half-Australian beauty made it to Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Most Stylish Women of the Year list. And since King began her career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, she’s the perfect candidate to talk to us about attending this year’s Fashion Week.

    1. What is your favourite part about the festival?
    2. It feels like the circus has come to town. There is a real energy about the place. When it gets buzzing with life, everything is so colourful and it draws in a great mix of local and international faces. 
    1. Whose show are you most looking forward to year?
    2. The Harper’s BAZAAR New Generation Fashion Designer Award, for sure. It is always fab to catch new and exciting talent in the making. But I’m also very much looking forward to Victoria Beckham as well. Rave reviews from NYFW can’t be wrong!
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    1. Do you have any fashion week survival tips to share?
    2. I’m always battling between ‘beauty is pain’ vs ‘wear comfortable shoes’. The struggle is real. Also, always have your iPhone charged.
    1. How do you decide to dress and prepare for #SGFW?
    2. I pick my outfits based on my mood. I’ll tee up a couple of options in my head and just pop one of them on. If I don’t own a piece by the showing designer, I will try and find something that fits the vibe of the designer. You wouldn’t wear a lacy ball gown to Dion Lee for example, you would look for something more structured, minimalistic and sports luxe.
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    1. Who was your first style icon? Who are your biggest style inspirations?
    2. My mum. She is an immaculate 5 foot Korean woman with killer style. I love the era of the big cat-winged eyeliner and holidays in the French Riviera – a la Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. I will always look up to Kate Moss as my style icon.
  1. What is the best advice you have ever received, fashion-wise?
  2. Never buy something that doesn’t fit you properly. I know that Balenciaga dress is on sale, but if it’s a size too big, you’ll never wear it if you don’t feel comfortable in it (my internal monologue at any sale). Additionally, to invest in classic pieces rather than seasonal, trend-specific articles.
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    1. What do you think is unique to local Singaporean designers?
    2. I don’t think you can really box Singapore style like that as local designers are all so different and bring various aesthetics to the table. But if anything, Singaporean designers are similar to the Merlion City in that they are coming into their own, the confidence is building and they are really being noticed on a world stage. And very deservedly so. 
  2. What is your philosophy with regards to fashion?
  3. No rules, just be yourself. Don’t try too hard. Don’t wear sunglasses indoors or at night. Ever. Okay, that was a rule.
  1. Photos: yvetteking.com