Lin Chi Ling wearing a Longines Elegant Collection watch
Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Lin Chi-Ling, wearing a Longines Elegant Collection watch

In a world that’s obsessed with the very latest, the newest, the hottest and the coolest (not to mention, an eagerness for an ever rotating roster of It Girls and new faces), it says a lot about a brand when it can boast about having a family of ambassadors who have stood by its side for years—let alone for over a decade. Longines is one such brand. Here, Longines Ambassador of Elegance of 14 years, Lin Chi-Ling, speaks to us about her unwavering relationship with the Swiss watch brand and why a watch is a style essential no woman should go without.

What do you love most about your relationship with Longines?
We possess the same values, which I think is so important. At Longines, it’s all about elegance in attitude and over the years, the definitions have been changed [to encompass] strength and the heart to face difficulties. The other thing that I really admire about them is that they are classic and consistent. I love that they never give up on who they are. No matter how the fashion or luxury industry changes, they stick to what they believe in.

Lin Chi Ling wearing a Longines Record watch in steel and diamonds
Lin Chi-Ling wearing a Longines Record watch in steel and diamonds

Having been a Longines brand ambassador for 14 years, is there something about the brand that you wished everyone knew?
You mean Longines’ innermost juicy details? Well, Mr Walter von Känel [Longines CEO], who we call the grandpa of the brand, is so unbelievably down to earth. There was once an event that we had to attend together and I didn’t realise that we were on the same flight. He is close to 80 years old and he still travels to Asia by himself. He didn’t have an assistant or anyone with him and he was carrying his own luggage and everything. That’s the true spirit of Longines: Really down to earth, really authentic and true to itself. That touches my heart.

What is a favourite memory that you have of the brand?
There was once a commercial shoot in Rome—I can’t remember the year—and it was with Kate Winslet and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan [both of whom have been with the brand for nine years and 20 years respectively]. It was amazing because, back then, I was this tiny [celebrity], so it was such an honour to work with them. The photoshoot remains quite a beautiful memory for me.

Steel and diamond Longines Record watch
Steel and diamond Longines Record watch, $6,770

Considering your relationship with the watch world, would you consider yourself a watch connoisseur?
Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I think there are a lot of people out there who have this expertise. But with Longines, yes, I’m the Longines connoisseur. For example, I know that the Record collection has [a movement whose] accuracy is not affected by temperature changes or air pressure, unlike a lot of watches out there. [This is due to the movement’s monocrystalline silicon balance-spring.]

Why is it important for women to own a beautiful watch in this age of mobile phones?
Functionality aside, I think that a watch is a representation of your style. And time is so important so you’ll want to keep it on yourself, with you, at all times. A watch allows you to do that.

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