A pair of well-defined brows can do wonders by framing your face and even lifting your features. And in the age of “Instagram brows”, it can be tempting to overdo your arches in a templated or stenciled manner. One rule of thumb: Your brows should be sisters, not twins. So stick to your natural brow shape as far as possible and make the most of what you already have. Here’s how to achieve naturally full brows in five foolproof ways!

Step 1: Tweeze
The key about shaping your brows is not to overdo it. Follow your natural brow shape and simply remove errant strands for a clean arch. Choose an angled tweezer for a close grip on tiny hairs and pull along the direction of hair growth to prevent hair from snapping.

Tweezerman $38
Classic Slant Tweezer, $38, Tweezerman

Step 2: Brush
Tidy up your brows by brushing hair upwards and outwards as this also helps create a three-dimensional look. You can either use a spooley brush like Sigma Beauty E80 Brow and Lash Brush, $14, or a brow brush like Make Up For Ever Double-Head Eyebrow Brush and Eyelash Comb 276, $50.

MUFE brush 276,
Double-Head Eyelash Comb and Brush 276, $50, Make Up For Ever

Step 3: Define
Next, fill in any sparse spots on your brows using light, feathery strokes. Choose a brow pencil and remember sharpen it regularly to ensure precision. Begin at the arches of the brows as we tend to be heavier-handed on the first stroke and it is more natural for the arches to look darker. Use short and light strokes to mimic the look of real hair. Even though this method can be more time-consuming, it is worth spending more time and effort getting used to it for a natural effect. Finally, use an angled brush to blend out harsh lines.

Sourcils Poudre, Dior
Sourcils Poudre, $38, Dior

Step 4: Tame
Kind of like hair wax for brows, use a brow gel to hold unruly hairs in place. Urban Decay’s Brow Tamer, $30, has a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh individual hairs down and provides flexible hold so your brows look soft and natural. Plus, it’s tiny brush makes application a breeze, even for those with naturally thinner brows.

Brow Tamer, $30, Urban Decay
Brow Tamer, $30, Urban Decay

Step 5: Highlight
Finally, apply an illuminating highlighter like YSL Beauty’s Touche Eclat just under the brow bones and above the outer tips and blend with an eyeshadow brush. This cleans up any smudges and accentuates your bone structure to make your brows pop.

Touche Eclat, $62, YSL Beauty
Touche Eclat, $62, YSL Beauty

By Joyce Cheo

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