Eyebrows, those magical arches that have the power to balance your features and frame your face. In recent years, brows have been in focus for brands and consumers alike, which explains the staggering amount of variety when it comes to brow products.

Needless to say, we test out dozens of new products on a weekly basis and here are the team’s top picks for perfectly-groomed brows.

For Ultimate Precision: Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, The Brow Gal

the browgal
Photo: the browgal

With a sharpener built into the cap, it ensures a sharp and precise application each and every time. Always begin with brushing hair upwards and outwards to neaten. Next, fill in the ends of brows because we tend to apply the most pressure on the first strokes, and it is more natural for the outer ends of your brows to look darker. It’s important to fill in sparse spots at the inner corners of the brows in light, feathery strokes to mimic the appearance of tiny hairs. And always brush through to blend out any harsh lines.

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For Natural Hold: Brow Gelcomb, Tom Ford For Men

Tom Ford
Photo: Tom Ford

Created to combine ease of use and a natural look, one or two clicks dispenses just enough product to hold errant hairs in place. This will be perfect for you if you have naturally full brows and just require slight definition and hold, but not if you have sparse spots that require filling in. The lightweight gel spreads easily and coats hair evenly, leaving behind a slight and universally flattering tint. Definitely a product we will be stealing from our man.

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For A Diffused Finish: Brow Shake Filling Powder, Rimmel

Photo: Rimmel

Formulated with intense pigments, this dispenses a soft brow powder onto a fine, spongy tip for to fill and define arches. Simply start with applying directly onto the outer ends before moving towards the inner corners of the brows. Powder particles are extremely fine, making it a breeze to apply and blend. Brush through for a soft, graduated finish.

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By Joyce Cheo