How would you describe your style?

My staples are pretty much all black. I don’t usually go for colours; instead, I think of how I can wear things differently. Sometimes, I’d cut up my shirts or wear a blazer backwards. It really depends on my mood that day. When I’m feeling girly, I really like to show skin.

Do you get pushback as a Muslim woman showing skin in the public eye?

I released a Malay track last year and after the visuals came out, half of the viewers were like, “Oh, we wish you covered up more.” But the other half said that they loved that I was being myself. With my visuals, that’s what I want: To push boundaries so that girls can feel a bit more free in how they choose to dress. Especially in Malaysia, where it’s more conservative, having half the audience accepting that is already a start. I’m not trying to hurt anybody, I just want to be myself.

Who are your musical icons? 

Locally, it has got to be Anita Sarawak. She’s unapologetic about who she is and at the same time, still rooted in her culture. She’s that Las Vegas chick, but she’s also a proud Malay woman. I also love Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse.

Do you have a favourite era in fashion? 

I love the 1920s—the flappers, the shimmy shimmy, the romance of it all. I also like the ’80s, where anything goes—that was like, the most electric period ever.