Photo: Gan

How would you describe your style?

Adeline: I love outfits that are simple and timeless. I look for pieces that I’ll love even five years down the road.

Angela: I’m also drawn to simple, classic designs and most importantly, they have to be comfortable.

What are your favourite brands? 

Adeline: Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Dior—their pieces are classic, timeless and very chic. 

Angela: I’m a big fan of Louis Vuitton for its jackets, Saint Laurent for its little black dresses, and Chanel for how feminine I feel when wearing its pieces. 

Do you have a go-to look? 

Adeline: I believe that less is more, so I love myself a plain white tee or a minimalist dress.

Angela: A nice leather jacket always feels chic and makes me feel 10 years younger.

Do you have a style icon? 

Adeline: I love Blackpink’s style and I like seeing models’ off-duty looks as well. 

Angela: My late mother—she was full of class and always dressed in a beautiful jacket.