Photo: Gan

What informs your jewellery design?

I do a lot of alternative jewellery; not so mainstream styles—such as jewellery for stretched ears. I’m very into alternative culture, so inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, as long as it’s slightly beyond the norm. I draw from tribal styles, which is where ear stretching originated. Otherwise, I look at myths, legends, folklore—anything that isn’t mass.

What got you interested in alternative culture in the first place?

I’ve always listened to music that was outside of the mainstream, so I would say music really influenced the interest as well as the tastes I have in fashion, jewellery and even tattoos.

Which of your tattoos means the most to you?

It’s probably the peony on the right side of my ribcage. I got it when I was travelling alone for the first time. I went to London and that trip was super special because I think I found myself there and it truly opened my eyes for the first time. The energy of the place, the creativity— it was inspiring.

What makes you feel powerful?

I feel really powerful when I stack a lot of rings on my hands. It makes me feel like I’m harnessing something intangible—I can’t really explain it, but it’s an immediate feeling.

Which designers do you admire? 

I don’t follow a lot of people in fashion, but I like Jil Sander—her work is the most synonymous with my personal style. I’m drawn to looks that are minimalist, monochrome and a little mysterious.