Photo: Gan

How would you describe your style?

I’m drawn to very loud colours and very bold designs. I wear a lot of ethnic clothing—I feel more at ease with an East-meets-West kind of aesthetic. I’d say I’m a hard-working dresser. I usually plan what I want to wear the day before—I would already have in mind the clothes, the colours, the makeup, the shoes, the accessories, the jewellery.

What is your fashion philosophy? 

I only buy what I like. I will never force myself to buy something just because it’s in season or somebody is wearing it. I don’t like to have the same things as everybody. I’ll never look at a store window and just buy the whole look, because then you never think about what you want or if it suits you.

Favourite designers?

My favourites are Dries Van Noten, Etro and Christian Lacroix—the ones known for bold, colourful designs. I bought a few pieces from the Dries and Lacroix collaboration (like the coat she’s wearing here) because it’s really worth collecting.

What is a style lesson you’ve learnt with age?

When I was younger, designer names seemed so important. I would wear Dior everything, from underwear to outerwear; even my towels and tableware were Dior. As I matured, I found a passion for unique designs, bespoke finishing and beautiful textures; I fell in love with artistic designs when it comes to jewellery, accessories and headgear. Though I still buy designer items, I also support promising local talent.