To capture an artful spirit for their fall/winter 16 campaign, Bottega Veneta has once again turn to the Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen—who lensed the brand’s spring/summer 16 advertising campaign featuring the Jardin d’email installation by Jean Dubuffet’s. Sassen and Tomas Maier,creative director of Bottega Veneta, share a common affinity for fashion and art; and the collaboration of the two.

“Together [Viviane and I] have explored both the artistic landmarks for the campaigns that are more than a backdrop but rather an added voice to our collaboration”, says Maier.

Bottega-Veneta-FW16-17-Campaign--2The campaign was shot in Sicily, Italy, at “The Great Cretto”—the featured art in the campaign. Designed by Italian artist Alberto Burri, the Cretto is a sentimental landscape piece that laments the ruined Sicilian village of Gibellina—destroyed by the Belice earthquake in 1968. The meticulous artwork took around 31 years to complete (finishing in 2015), and the white bed of cracked surface—constructed from blocks of concrete – spans over 86,122 square feet, above the village—a tribute to the fallen city.

As seen from the aerial shots in the video, the Cretto itself is a powerful imagery. Its rigidity and angularities contrasts with the softness and languor of the clothes, but the juxtaposition brings out the elegance of Bottega Veneta and the concept of movement explored in the collection.Bottega-Veneta-FW16-17-Campaign-4

By James Lennon Chuang