No other movie has ingrained itself in the cultural zeitgeist quite like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which even non-viewers will be able to identify based on its hallmark scene – Audrey Hepburn, dressed to the nines, steps out of her quintessential yellow New York taxi and has a moment to herself outside the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on Fifth Avenue. And now, as Tiffany & Co. sets to reimagining itself with a newly revamped and remodelled flagship store better known as The Landmark, BAZAAR flips the script on what Breakfast at Tiffany’s would look like for one of Singapore’s very own A-list stars. On a recent trip to New York this spring, Carrie Wong took us through a whirlwind day in the life of what it’s like to be Carrie Wong.

Written and directed by Kao Cheng Kai
Co-directed by Alvin Kean Wong
Edited and scored by Kao Cheng Kai
Fashion stylist: Windy Aulia
Hair and makeup: Rick Yang
Producer: Brian Hexter
Assistant stylist: Myron Hernandez
Assistant camera: Gabriel Chiu
Post-production: alpha35 studio

Brought to you by Tiffany & Co.