People often ask me, what are some of my absolute must-have makeup items. And to be quite frank, I often rattle on about the usual types of products everyone else talk about: foundation (I am obsessed with Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion), concealer (Clé de Peau Beauté’s cult concealer that can mask any skin flaws) and red lipstick (I’ve gone through more Dior’s Rouge Dior in 999 Matte than any other shade).

Then there are those ever-trustworthy basic items we all use and love but somehow do not talk about as much. Case in point: brown eyeshadows. Recently, I decided to do a makeup detox. And to my surprise, I have hoarded more brown eyeshadows over the months (and maybe even years) than I am willing to admit. Even more surprising? I realised I’ve used many of them, and a lot of each actually. So I decided to dedicate this week’s video to the unsung hero in every woman’s kit: brown eyeshadows.

I set about to scour the makeup stash in my office for my top 3 brown eyeshadow picks in a powder, cream and stick format so you have something to choose from, no matter what your preference is. Plus, simple makeup steps on how to make each one work.

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#1: Powder Eyeshadow: Microshadow in Deadly, Make Up Store
To begin, apply eyeshadow primer all over your eyelids to help your eye makeup last longer. A rice grain-amount is all your need for each eyelid. With this matte powder, the easiest way to apply will be using an eyeshadow brush. Sweep eyeshadow from lash line and blend towards the crease. This glitter-free texture also makes it perfect for the office. If you have single eyelids, blend eyeshadow so that the colour peeks through when your eyes are open. Finally, dab a tiny bit of highlighter under your brow bones to give the illusion of lifted eyes.

Make Up Store
Microshadow in Deadly, Make Up Store

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#2: Stick Eyeshadow: Velvet Shadow Stick in Dark Angel, NARS
Even when working with a long-lasting product like NARS’ Velvet Shadow Stick, it’s always advisable to apply a thin layer of primer to lock eye makeup into place and to keep it from smudging. Apply the product directly onto eyelids as you would an eyeliner and stick as close to the last line as possible. Next, use a smudging brush to blend and soften the edges, extending outwards into a smoky effect with a subtle cat eye flick. It is important to work fast when using stick eyeshadows as they tend to set within a minute and they can be difficult to blend after they set. Repeat on the lower lids to intensify the smoky-eye effect.

Velvet Shadow Stick in Dark Angel, NARS

#3: Cream Eyeshadow: Cream Color For Eyes in 08 Spice, Tom Ford
Cream eyeshadows have a tendency to crease, so apply a layer of eyeshadow primer beneath it to prevent eye makeup from creasing and smooth fine lines. Apply the cream eyeshadow onto the centre of your eyelids and blend outwards and upwards. Thanks to its buttery texture and shimmery finish, you can apply with your fingers with ease, but if you’d like more precision, use a dome-shaped brush. As a final step, apply liquid liner onto the upper lash line to accentuate your eyes further.

Tom Ford
Cream Color For Eyes in 08 Spice, Tom Ford

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