Update: Footage of the full performance has finally been released in delicious 4K quality and we are positively reeling with excitement to witness this historic event. BTS made their official US television debut at the American Music Awards stage no less and we couldn’t be more proud of these boys. What’s even more encouraging is the crowd’s maniacal support, from fans watching to the A-list celebrities, standing up and grooving to the catchy beat of their newest single, ‘DNA’. They even did the classic K-pop chants where they chant out the members names. We didn’t think it would happen on Western television.

Our favourite moment was Ansel Elgort‘s grinning face as he Insta-storied their performance. It refreshing to see a Hollywood star “fangirling” over an Asian one. In fact, he is such a huge fan that he took pictures with them after the performance.

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Does this not warm your hearts?! Watch the choreography-packed performance above and you’ll see why Ansel is such an ardent fan.

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Original: It finally happened: International supergroup BTS performed at the AMAs, marking their first-ever U.S. awards show appearance. The K-pop stars took the stage in ripped jeans, slick bomber jackets, and the highest amount of energy to perform their song, “DNA.” Their diehard fans, also known as their “Army,” screamed along throughout the set, which they’ve been anticipating for weeks.

Catch some clips from their appearance below:

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Earlier in the night, the group adorably watched the ceremony from the front row together:

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And before that, the guys took over the red carpet together:

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They’re absolutely killing it.

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