In the final episode of this season of Cafe a la Mode, Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh meets iconic Chanel ambassador and Parisian style maven, Caroline de Maigret, in her natural habitat. In an unassuming neighbourhood cafe in the middle of Pigalle, Paris – the seat of the Moulin Rouge – they sip Perrier and chat about Caroline’s experiences meeting Karl Lagerfeld and working with Chanel over many years, her much imitated Parisian cool style, and her new book ‘Older, but Better, but Older’.

As part of our theme of exploring the question of personal image in the social media age, Caroline gave us her on-brand advice about standing out in this age of over sharing: don’t be afraid of not being cool. She encourages us to delve deeper into our passions, and enriching ourselves with knowledge, no matter how geeky that passion may be.

Caroline’s co-authored 2014 book ‘How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ went instantly viral, cementing for her a world-wide following of women aspiring to her effortlessly cool personal style. Hitting the shelves this month, her new book ‘Older, but Better, but Older’, again co-authored with best friend Sophie Mas, is a tongue-in-cheek treatise on the funnier side of growing older that we can’t wait to read cover to cover.

Presenter: Kenneth Goh
Producer: Jiawa Liu
Director & Videographer: Louis Villers
Hair & Makeup: Yi-Han Jen
Production Assistants: Jinjiibadam Gankhuu, Calie Mailhol

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