In the sleek and sophisticated interiors of the Sinner Hotel in the heart of Paris, Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh sat down with the legendary Miss Fame in this latest installment of our interview series, Cafe a la Mode

This season, we explore the many facets of personal image in the social media age. Miss Fame gives us her fascinating insights on the realness behind the glamour, and standing out in our era of oversharing. Watch the full interview for this uniquely candid look into Miss Fame’s style and roots, and her empowering message of radical authenticity. 

Gaining prominence as a contestant on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Miss Fame has amassed a worldwide fan base, with over 1 million followers on her Instagram profile. She was the first drag artist to work as a high fashion model and to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, and was the darling of Paris Fashion Week just gone. To add to her multi-hyphenated achievements, Miss Fame launched her own makeup line in 2018, “Miss Fame Beauty”, and released her new “UnderMySkin” makeup palette at RuPaul’s Dragcon in New York in September this year. 

Presenter: Kenneth Goh
Producer: Jiawa Liu
Director & Videographer: Louis Villers
Hair & Makeup: Yi-Han Jen
Production Assistants: Jinjiibadam Gankhuu, Calie Mailhol, Caitlin Black

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