What have these two stars of KinnPorsche been up to beyond jet-setting around the world, travelling to fashion shows and keeping up with their millions of fans on social media? Find out all that and more in our video interview here.

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What do you think about the show?

Mile: I love the show. And I love the dynamic of the show, dynamic and charming. I love the green colour and this shade of green is so great.

What do you like most about Dior?

Apo: The way they represent their brand.

Describe your favourite look from this collection.

Mile: Like I said, I like the green tone and the green shade. It’s practical and easy to wear, ready to wear.

How would you be spending the rest of your time in Mumbai?

Apo: I spend a lot of time with Dior, study a lot of things in India.

And I remember you told me you visited a beautiful space, a sacred space yesterday. What was that space that you visited?

Apo: Siddhivinayak Temple, the Ganesha Temple. I used to pay homage to Ganesha to be here in India with Dior. And now, I’m here in Mumbai for Dior.

Have you tried any of the local food?

Mile: Not yet. But I hope so.

Is there anything you want to try while you’re in Mumbai?

Apo: Naan!