Our island state may be small, but it does boast some mighty good home-grown beauty brands we Singaporeans can be proud of. If there’s a common thread through the brands (aside from the obvious), it’s that all their offerings are created with us in mind—carefully developed after considering Singapore’s tropical climate as well as the modern Singaporean woman’s harried lifestyle and values. This translates into skincare with textures that don’t feel greasy or heavy in hot and humid weather; makeup that doesn’t budge; multi-taskers in both categories that save us time (and money); and more.

Senior Beauty Editor Arissa Ha and beauty influencer Evonne Ng take on a Mystery Box Challenge themed “Local Beauty”, where they have to create a makeup look using only the products in their respective boxes. Here’s a look at what’s in them:

Skin Prep


RE:ERTH advocates mindfulness and minimalism while embracing the beautifying power of nature. At the heart of all its products is its patented star ingredient, the Japanese white turmeric, which is cultivated and harvested exclusively at the brand’s farms across Kyushu in Japan. According to clinical studies conducted by researchers at Japan’s Kindai University, extracts from the white turmeric root and leaves are able to slow the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin while stimulating collagen production and cellular activity.

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Calming Toner, $70, RE:ERTH

Calming Toner

As most Singaporeans would well know, the high temperatures here definitely take a toll on skin—whether the damage manifests as dryness, redness, irritation or breakouts. Doubling as a soothing agent, this toner is formulated with the brand’s proprietary Japanese white turmeric and spring turmeric extracts, both of which have strong anti-inflammatory properties that help calm skin. It also comes with APPS, a highly stabilised form of vitamin C that works to soothe irritation and reduce redness while defending against free-radical damage and helping to improve collagen synthesis. 

REERTH Multi-Targeted Elixir ($108 for 30 ml) i
Multi-Targeted Elixir, $108, RE:ERTH

Multi-Targeted Elixier

Billed to absorb into skin in 10 seconds flat, sans residue to boot, this multi-benefit serum—a godsend for the time-pressed—has extracts of the Japanese white turmeric leaf and root as well as the Japanese spring turmeric leaf to help restore firmness and stimulate collagen production while diminishing spots and evening out skin tone.

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Sigi Skin

Harnessing the power of superfoods, Sigi Skin delivers nourishing nutrients and minerals deep into the skin for a beauty boost. Launched in 2018, this vegan skincare brand offers clean and pared-down yet potent products infused with superfood extracts that work to support skin health and are suitable even for the most sensitive of skins. 

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61. Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, $58, SIGI Skin
Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, $58, Sigi Skin

Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen

It’s no secret that physical sunscreens are typically thicker than their chemical counterparts—a big downside given the heat and humidity here, especially for those whose sensitive skin doesn’t allow for a chemical sunscreen. This one, though, has a light, whipped texture that wears weightlessly and blends seamlessly with your natural skin tone with nary a hint of the white cast or greasy film generally associated with physical sunscreens. Feather-light feel aside, the formula is hydrating enough—thanks to skincare ingredients such as niacinamide and acai extract—for you to even skip the moisturiser, saving you time during those mad-rush days.

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Dew Potion, $48, Sigi Skin

Dew Potion

A great helper in ensuring that skin stays moist and healthy even in unfavourable environments, this facial mist made with 100 percent extracts pulls multiple duties—helping to calm and cool skin with soothing ingredients such as camomile flower and liquorice extracts; defending against external aggressors with antioxidant-rich actives such as maqui berry extract; and keeping skin moist with hydrating ingredients such as Aqua 3G and glycerin.   



Launched in 2013, 13rushes stemmed from a love for animals and is founder Tay Yu Hui’s stand against animal cruelty. After chancing upon a PETA video that showed how animal hair was harvested, she made it her mission to create makeup brushes made with synthetic hair that perform just as well (if not better) than those made with natural hair. This commitment to creating cruelty-free brushes has clearly hit a note with the socially conscious crowd, with 13rushes quickly becoming the leading cosmetic brush brand in Singapore. And with good reason: All the brushes feel super soft to the touch, and work well with a variety of makeup textures, including creams, liquids and powders.

The Conscious Collection – Tapered Blush, $28, 13rushes

The Conscious Collection

Offering brushes with lacquer- and paint-free wooden handles, The Conscious Collection strives to reduce the components made from different materials so that each brush is more sustainable. We love the Tapered Blush brush, which features soft bristles that pick up just the right amount of blusher and glides across the skin with the softest touch. 

Conceal and Lip Duo, $16, 13rushes

Conceal and Lip Duo

On-the-go touch-ups have never been easier. This dual-ended stick performs multiple duties with a retractable tapered brush on one end and a flat, curved brush on the other—use the former to line your lips and for precise concealing of minor annoyances, especially in hard-to-reach spots, and the latter to fill in lips and conceal imperfections that cover larger surface areas. The retractable design means the pointed tip has zero chance of being crushed or distorted by other products in your makeup pouch, so you can bring this out with ease.  

Solos Cosmetics

Born after an intensive two-hour discussion between its two founders regarding the state of the earth, Solos Cosmetics is a sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free label that offers high-performing, lasting and, above all, pocket-friendly products. 

SplitStix Multi-Stick, $14, Solos Cosmetics

SplitStix Multi-Stick

Sometimes, what you see isn’t always what you get. In the case of the SplitStix, you definitely get more bang for your buck that you first realised. What looks like just a simple bullet lipstick with two complementary colours turns into much more with a formula that works on not just the lips, but also the eyelids and cheeks, so you have the perfect all-in-one item to slip into your bag for makeup emergencies.  

MyLiner Liquid Eyeliner, $8, Solos Cosmetics

MyLiner Liquid Eyeliner

Like a reliable friend, this water-resistant eyeliner takes whatever life throws at it and always stays put. Brownie points for being Halal-certified as well as vegan. 

Lipmattic Liquid Lipstick, $12, Solos Cosmetics

Lipmattic Liquid Lipstick

With this velvety liquid lipstick, you no longer have to waste time switching out lip colours to match your mood or the occasion. Available in eight stunning shades, it packs a punch when it comes to colour and has a buildable formula that lets you vary the intensity to your liking—the epitome of an everyday lippie. Apply with the doe-foot applicator for a full, vivid pout or dab on with your finger for a splash of sheer colour.

Liht Organics

Liht (say “light”) Organics prides itself on using a high percentage of organic ingredients. If you fear that organic makeup is not as pigmented as their non-organic counterparts, you’ll be glad to know that Liht Organics’s products all boast vivid hues that last up to 16 hours. 

Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner, US$36, Liht Organics

Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner

When you’re so busy you don’t even have a moment to fix your hair, much less your smudged eyeliner (a much more intricate, time-consuming matter), a budge-proof product is your next best bet. This liquid eyeliner promises to stay put on even the oiliest lids for 14 hours, is formulated with up to 70 percent organic ingredients and comes with an easy-to-manoeuvre, stiff felt tip that delivers the smoothest stroke of intense colour. 

Sheer Radiance Blush, US$55, Liht Organics

Sheer Radiance Blush

A brand can offer a blusher in a plethora of hues, but a wide colour range is pointless if none of them really flatters your skin tone. This one from Liht Organics comes in only four hues, but all complement Asian skin tones perfectly. The subtle colour applies smoothly for a natural-looking flush and is imbued with antioxidants that work to protect skin from free-radical damage.