Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are the hallmarks of a true style star, and Leia Sfez has them in spades. Known for her vivacious personality, tom-boy aesthetic, flawless complexion and Jane Birkin-style bangs, Sfez is also mother of three and boasts 705,000 followers on Instagram, making her the ultimate French ‘it girl’. 

In this tongue-in-cheek fashion short—aptly titled Long Story Short—Sfez takes us inside her new Haussmanian apartment in Paris, and to her favourite local haunts while dressed in the finest pieces from the Chanel spring/summer 2022 collection. Sfez also gives us a glimpse of her whimsical side as she pokes fun at Parisian cliches—all while looking for her ‘missing’ saucer. 

Creative director, Parisian ‘It Girl’ and mother of three. You make it look so easy! Do you have a secret for juggling it all? 

To be honest, I have a great husband who is as much a dad as I am a mother, and we split the tasks fairly. Having my three children pushes me to work harder and I always feel more fulfilled with lots of things to do.

You are someone we go to for Parisian style inspiration. What does being ‘Parisian’ mean to you, and in what way is Chanel quintessential to this identity?

In my opinion, the preconceived Parisian style does not exist. There are so many different styles. This is precisely what makes Paris so inspiring. Chanel is a house that I particularly like because anyone can find a piece that will suit their personality.

You have some amazing Chanel pieces in your wardrobe. Do you have a story about the first Chanel item you own?

My very first Chanel piece was a gold chain belt that I still wear today. I was so proud [of it] that I wore it every day. I could have slept with it! That is a timeless piece that I would pass on to my daughter for sure. 

In the short film Long Story Short, you take us to your favourite spots in Paris. What does your typical day look like and what’s your perfect outfit to do it all in?

It’s hard to describe a typical day but I like it when it’s busy and I always make sure I’m comfortable in my outfits. I spend most of my time in flats and like to have a tomboy side that I feel good in.

During the making of Long Story Short, one thing we discussed a lot was choosing the right Chanel bag for each outfit! Does the bag really make the outfit for you, and how do you choose the perfect one?

I love handbags because it’s an important element in a look. I like different shapes, colours and sizes. They have the power to give a twist to a classic look.

What are three items you can’t live without?

In terms of style, a timeless bag, a men’s jacket and a leather pants.

The best street style pose in any situation?

Not knowing that someone is taking a picture of you. 

Editor-in-Chief: Kenneth Goh
Talent: Leia Sfez
Video Director: Jiawa Liu
Director of Photography: Jules Le Masson Fletcher
Video Editor: Valentin Pitarch
Stylist: Jeanne Le Bault
Makeup Artist: Clotilde Puvis De Chavannes
Hair Stylist: Sergio Villafane
Manicurist: Sylvie Vacca
Brand Manager: Michelle Ngadino
Production: Beige Pill Productions, assisted by Apolline Baillet & Maddie Franck

Brought to you by Chanel