RIMOWA collaborates with multi-hyphenate Evan Mock on an experimental new film titled No Where. In the fashion short, Mock explores the idea of movement informed by his recent move to New York from Hawaii.

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Evan Mock with his RIMOWA Never Still Messenger.

“You’re around a lot of people, but at the same time you’re by yourself,” he says in a press statement referring to his move to The Big Apple. Mock unpacks this sense of isolation—despite being constantly surrounded by people in a dense urban environment—in the film. 

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Working with director Luisa Opalesky and cinematographer Steven Rico, Mock brings his vision to life through a series of vignettes following his commutes on the subway and Staten Island Ferry, as well as skateboarding on the street—all while carrying the RIMOWA Never Still Messenger bag. 

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Mock further exercised his creative freedom on this project by juxtaposing the film with a voiceover that had nothing to do with the film itself. He wrote the script based on a romantic encounter in Europe and went with it. “I liked the contrast of having two different things work out together,” he explained.

“I liked the challenge of writing and shooting without knowing what’s going to happen or how it’s going to turn out.”