Finally. After months of anticipation, the first trailer for the female-led Ocean’s 8 is here, following the release of the teaser this morning – and it doesn’t disappoint. It follows the story of Danny Ocean’s sister, who is played by Sandra Bullock. The movie features a star studded cast of Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and more! Honestly, each frame of this trailer has us starstruck.

Unfortunately, the trailer itself is experiencing a large amount of dislikes due to many people comparing this reboot to the Ghostbusters one in 2016, which turned out to be a box office flop. It’s simply baffling how an all-female cast is seen as feminist propaganda whereas the original all male cast was considered normal and acceptable. Many are already judging this film before it has even hit the theatres. Controversy aside, we are pumped for the refreshing reboot and reworking of an old heist concept with an all-star female team.

To the haters we say, here’s a tissue for your issues.

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