Bible Wichapas Sumettikul has an old Hollywood star-like quality to him. Cool, calm and collected, the 25-year-old behaves a lot wiser than most of his peers, which is not to say he doesn’t have a cheeky side—he does. And it definitely adds to his charm. 

The actor, who plays Vegas in Thai hit boys’ love drama KinnPorsche: The Series, is often seen sporting a pared down relaxed-fit outfit, perfectly coiffed, jet-black hair and just the right amount of accessories. How does he do it? We find out. 

Editor-in-Chief: Kenneth Goh
Style Editor: Gracia Phang
Digital Content Manager: Navin Pillay
Video: Ewan Lim / Ohai Media
Stylist’s Assistants: Phi Ritwiwat, Patipan Limsuwash, Chalakorn Painratpimon
Grooming: Pakanat Poolsawat using Clarins
Location: Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel