Have you ever felt baffled listening to young people talk in your workplace? Do your kids constantly speak in incomprehensible tongues that seem to go over your head? Or perhaps, have you seen something like this?

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If that looks familiar, then this video is for you. In this hands-on tutorial, our BAZAAR interns break down and explain some of the most common GEN Z slang words and phrases that we hear everywhere today. To help you incorporate these terms into your daily speech, they shed some light on exactly how to use them… or how not to use them (case in point: not everything is ‘lit’).

While ‘Millennial speak’ is fun to use and can often convey nuances that reflect our current culture and world view, it’s also important to acknowledge and appreciate that most – if not all – of these words are derived from AAVE (African American Vernacular English), which is a true display of the power of cross-cultural globalization. Now, enjoy!