Mastering immaculate lipstick application can seem like a challenge on its own. Factor in a romantic four-course dinner and wine pairing just makes the task even more daunting. Simply stick to these six easy-to-follow steps for lipstick that last throughout date night.

Step 1: Even Out Discolouration
Be it due to genetics or inadequate removal of lipstick over the years, some of us might have a darker ring on the edges of our lips. To ensure even colour payoff of any lip colours, it is important that you conceal any unevenness in lip tone (this is especially crucial if you’re wearing a nude or flesh-toned shade). To do so, gently pat concealer around the edges of your lips and blend in a gentle dabbing motion. Opt for a stick concealer like Clé de Peau Beauté’s Concealer, $116, or ASTALIFT’s Light Analyzing Concealer, $54, for ease of application.

Light Analyzing Concealer, $54, ASTALIFT

Step 2: Line Your Lips
Next, use a lip liner to outline the edges of your lips. This creates a “barrier” to minimise lipstick from bleeding beyond this boundary. In addition, you are also able to enhance them to the lip shape you desire. Begin with the cupid’s bow to accurately define your lips and make sure you extend the line to join your upper and lower lips.

24/7 Lip Pencil in 69, $32, Urban Decay

Step 3: Fill In Your Lips With Liner
Next, colour in the rest of your lips with the lip liner. Doing so also helps prevent an unsightly ring of colour on your lips’ edges if you lipstick fades.

Step 4: Apply Lipstick
This allows lipstick to cling onto the lip liner base layer for longer wear and more vibrant colour. A general rule of thumb: the creamier a lipstick,the more waxes and oils it contains, which means the chances of it melting and fading are higher. Unless you have particularly dry lips, avoid creamy lipsticks if your priority is staying power.

Rouge Allure Velvet in 51 La Bouleversant, $49, Chanel


Step 5: Blot With Tissue
A favourite makeup trick among makeup artists, this absorbs oil and takes away surface shine, reducing the lipstick’s likelihood of fading and transferring.

Step 6: Reappy Lipstick
This adds on one more layer of pigments for a more intense wash of colour. Repeat this step once, or as many time as you wish to build on the intensity and prolong the wear of the lipstick.

By Joyce Cheo.

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