There’s nothing like a plump and juicy pout for a hot summer vacation. However, personally, it’s always a love-hate relationship when it comes to creating that perfect lip look that’s sheer, glossy and vibrant. This is because, I have some unevenness on my lips: the edges of my lips are slightly deeper in tone than the centre of my lips. This means that whenever I’m not wearing a pigmented lipstick, this discolouration shows through. Plus, I’m also probably guilty of not drinking enough water everyday so dry and flaky skin on my lips is also the story of my life.

While super pigmented lipsticks are my usual go-to, the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Lipsticks do make me want to embrace a different look. Thanks to its creamy, melt-in texture that coats lips in vibrant and dewy colour, this is my absolute ideal summer lipstick. So I dug deep into my beauty stash for the absolute essentials to rock the perfect juicy pout.

If you also have the bad habit of not drinking enough water or are simply too lazy to keep up with regular re-application of lip balm, here’s one way you can kill two birds with one stone by softening dry lips and getting rid of rough,flaky skin. Try Dior’s Lip Sugar Scrub. Made with emollient oils to infuse your lips with moisture and nourishment, it also contains tiny sugar crystals which gently exfoliates lips. These sugar crystals also melt when they come in contact with your skin, further conditioning lips for a soft and smooth pout.

Lip Sugar Scrub, Dior

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If you’re not in a rush, leave your lip balm on for a couple of minutes to kind of give your lips a mini nourishing mask. And before you move on to apply any lip colours, blot away any excess lip balm on your lips.

To mask blemishes on our face and to help makeup last longer, we turn to concealers and makeup primers respectively. So isn’t it great when one product combines both concealing properties along with long-lasting benefits? Dior’s Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal, as its name suggest, helps target any discolourations you have anywhere on your face. I like to use this on my lips because it helps even out my skin tone, and also fills and smooths fine lines to help lipstick adhere better on your lips.

Fix It 2-In-1 Prime & Conceal, Dior

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Now that your lips are perfectly prepped and primed, you can go ahead and slick on your favourite sheer and creamy lipstick without worrying about chapped lips or any discolouration on your lips. Best part about Dolce & Gabbana’s Miss Sicily Lipstick? It combines the vibrant pigments of a lipstick, the high shine of a lip gloss and the conditioning properties of a lipbalm. My favourite shade is Caterina 510, a juicy melon-coral shade that flatters almost every skin tone.

Miss Sicily Lipstick in Caterina 510, Dolce & Gabbana

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