PANDORA‘s love of nature continues to grow for Spring 2021 with PANDORA Garden, a collection of nature-inspired designs that pay homage to the humble daisy that encourages the wearer to reconnect with their inner child.

Delicate and girly, daisies have made a triumphant return over the last few seasons, evoking memories of the carefree days we all long for. “We feel that this flower signifies feminine energy, modernity, sentimentality and freedom — that is very PANDORA. It’s a motif that symbolises the welcoming of spring, but it also brings joy. It’s a flower that can grow in adversity and can thrive in the most unexpected places. Daisies also come in a variety of colours, which highlights their diversity,” explained PANDORA’s VP Creative Directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli. 

From bracelets and charms to rings and necklaces, each piece in the PANDORA Garden collection is hand-finished in one of the brand’s sustainably sourced metals, sterling silver and Pandora Rose, while the beauty of nature is replicated through a series of intricate design details and colourful materials. In fact, the enamel on every single daisy is hand-applied making each piece unique.

What we love are how versatile the designs are. Whether it’s a casual get-together over champagne brunch with your best girlfriends, or an elegant romantic date with that special someone, you’ll definitely find something in this collection to add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

According to Terzo and Ficarelli, the collection also features a selection of new carriers. “There’s a new bracelet which was inspired by the popular snake chain details from the PANDORA Moments collection. This design features multiple strands of snake chain for added movement and lightness.

But the best bit about the Danish jeweller’s latest collection is that every piece is dainty enough to wear with your existing jewellery and should be mixed and matched for the ultimate spring look.

The options for creating a stylised look that is uniquely yours is limitless with the PANDORA Garden collection. Try stacking the Sparkling Daisy Flower bracelet with the Pandora Moments Daisy Flower Clasp Snake Chain bracelet on one wrist or matching the Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown rings with your heirloom pieces. The pieces are so versatile that they can take you from day to night effortlessly.

“It’s all about experimenting with designs that make you feel connected to your community, inner self and others. With the daisy-themed pieces, we designed them to be intricate — so there’s the opportunity to add a spring vibe to your look by styling them with contrasting, linear pieces. We recommend mixing the newer daisy pieces in sterling silver and lilac with last season’s styles like the Pink Daisy Flower Trio Ring hand-finished in Pandora Rose. The contrast makes for a standout combination”, explained the design duo.

The new PANDORA Garden collection is available online and in store.

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