This was created by Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore for Mango

For its April 2017 campaign, Spanish fashion label Mango chose to focus on the uniqueness of individuals with a diverse cast of characters. Titled A Story of Uniqueness, the campaign spans age, gender and nationality for a vibrant celebration of originality. Shot on location at Los Angeles’s colourful Venice Beach, the resulting video and portraits are a beautiful testament to each subject’s identity. Here, we put the spotlight on the seven stars of Mango’s April 2017 campaign by uncovering one unique fact about each of them.


Who: Bhumika Arora
Age: 28
Occupation: Model

Unique fact: Named India’s next supermodel, Bhumika Arora has the whole package: brains, body and looks. While she already has a burgeoning fashion portfolio under her belt, did you know that Arora also studied for an MBA before modelling?


Who: Misha Lindes
Age: 26
Occupation: Musician and model

Unique fact: As the front man of Los Angeles based band SadGirl, Misha Lindes is making a name for himself in the West Coast music scene. He won his first music competition in the seventh grade at a school concert despite having taught himself how to play the bass a few weeks before.


Who: Staz Lindes
Age: 24
Occupation: Musician and model

Unique fact: Born and raised in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, she’s the sultry bombshell who has walked the Parisian runways for top fashion labels and managed to find the time to start a band along the way. Oh, and did we mention that she’s Misha Lindes’ sister as well?


Who: Andre van Noord
Age: 53
Occupation: Photographer and model

Unique fact: The ruggedly handsome model has been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, but did you know van Noord first got spotted in the ’80s at a Rolling Stones concert?


Who: Lyn Slater
Age: 63
Occupation: University professor

Unique fact: Slater’s academic pedigree is impeccable —  she’s a Clinical Associate Professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services — but she also runs a fashion blog called Accidental Icon as a creative outlet for intellectual fashion.


Who: Parker van Noord
Age: 19
Occupation: Student and model

Unique fact: With a famous model father (Andre van Noord), Parker got his start in the industry at at an early age, working together with his father. The 19-year-old is currently reading International Business Management at university and squeezes in modelling in his free time.


Who: Lauren Johnson
Age: 25
Occupation: Artist and model

Unique fact: Johnson is a ceramist living in Los Angeles and she was originally in the campaign as an extra before being spotted by the crew for her stunning looks and talent on screen and cast as one of the leading individuals.

By Pakkee