NCT 127 is back, and ready to dominate charts once again with its fourth album repackage, “Ay-Yo“. Their previous album, 질주(2 Baddies), charted on the Billboard 200 in the U.S. and Artist 100 as well as other major global music charts in Australia, France, Spain, South Korea and beyond. Their latest album has a total of 15 tracks, out of which three are new: “Ay-Yo,” “DJ,” and “Skyscraper (摩天樓 ; 마천루).” It also includes collaborations with the likes of KENZIE, Dem Jointz, Andreas Öberg, and producer Simon Petré

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A hip-hop dance track, “Ay-Yo” consists of a strong drumline and harmonies, perfectly exhibiting NCT 127’s powerful vocals. The lyrics also share an empowering message: moving forward by endlessly creating sustainable values for oneself in an uncertain and ever-changing world, standing firm in one’s beliefs and ethics. Elsewhere on the album, funky up-tempo B-side track “DJ” reimagines the jazzy sensibilities of ’70s hits with lyrics to match. And “Skyscraper,” a hip-hop track, signifies the members’ ambition of constantly overcoming their limits to rise high like a skyscraper. 

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NCT 127 On New Music, Style, Favourite Food And More
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In an exclusive interview with BAZAAR Singapore, NCT 127 shares which track they loved working on the most, their favourite music video looks, and more.

Which song did you love working on the most, and why?

TAEYONG: I really like our song, “DJ.” When I was writing this song, it reminded me of Stevie Wonder. So I added his name in the lyrics. I would say that this is my favourite song from the repackage album.

HAECHAN: I enjoyed working on the choreography for “Ay-Yo.” Rie Hata actually worked on the choreography together with us. 

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NCT 127 On New Music, Style, Favourite Food And More
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What are your favourite looks from your music videos so far?

JAEHYUN: Personally, I really like the outfit we wore in the “Simon Says” music video. They were really cool.

TAEYONG: I would say “Simon Says” music video outfits, too.

HAECHAN: I will choose “無限的我 (무한적아; Limitless).” 

TAEIL: Mine would be “영웅 (英雄; Kick It).” I really liked it because it had a really clear concept.

YUTA: I think that the outfits we wore in the “질주(2 Baddies)” music video was the coolest.

MARK: I will go with “영웅(英雄; Kick It).”

JOHNNY: I would say “Highway to Heaven.”

DOYOUNG: Mine is “Highway To Heaven,” too.

JUNGWOO: My favourite outfit is also from “Highway To Heaven.”

NCT 127 On New Music, Style, Favourite Food And More
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What is one fashion item you can’t live without?

TAEIL: Grey-coloured PUMA sneaker. 

JAEHYUN: I would choose the white AirPods that cover my ears.

HAECHAN: My confidence.

JOHNNY: A variety of hats—a beanie and a hoodie, I can’t choose between them.

MARK: I will also go with caps.

YUTA: A necklace, earrings or ring. All kinds of accessories are necessary for me.

DOYOUNG: I would say I can’t live without a bag.

JUNGWOO: I will also choose a bag. My mood changes everyday, depending on the bag I carry. But I don’t actually own a lot of bags. 

NCT 127 On New Music, Style, Favourite Food And More
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How was your most recent trip to Singapore?

TAEIL: The weather in Singapore was hotter than I thought, but I remember that the passion of the fans was just as hot as the weather. 

TAEYONG: I actually spent my birthday on the plane to Singapore. When we arrived there and went for rehearsals, members and staff celebrated my birthday so I have a really good memory of being in Singapore. The next day, our fans in Singapore also celebrated my birthday. Looking back, this trip is a very precious, warm, happy memory for me. 

JAEHYUN: It’s been a long time since I went to Singapore, so I was very happy to be there and I want to visit it again. 

HAECHAN: I especially remember eating pepper chilli crab. It was really delicious, so I want to go to Singapore again, and eat it.

JOHNNY: There are two main things that I felt. The first is of our fans’ voices being very loud and how they cheered for us. And secondly, I was really sad that the Singapore performance was only for one day. 

NCT 127 On New Music, Style, Favourite Food And More
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MARK: I remember that there was a moment when it was physically difficult, as I’ve shared in our behind-the-scenes content. I also remember eating chilli crab, which cheered me up and gave me the strength to perform. Thanks to our fans’ support, I was able to overcome the difficulties and was able to perform well till the end. 

YUTA: The people in Singapore are so kind, the food was delicious and the performance was so fun that I want to go again.

DOYOUNG: As the members said earlier, I also remember that the food was so delicious and the fans cheered us on a lot. Next time, I would like to perform for two or three days instead of just one day, and enjoy the Singapore culture a little more. 

JUNGWOO: Looking back on the time I went to Singapore, I think it was a beautiful memory. It was a time full of happiness as I was able to meet many fans and feel the unique atmosphere of Singapore.

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.