Romeo Tan On The Future Of Singapore’s Film Industry And More
Romeo Tan wearing Fendi at the Fendi Men’s boutique opening at Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Singapore. Photo: Courtesy

Romeo Tan needs no introduction. With a career spanning over 12 years, the Singaporean actor has made an indelible mark on the nation’s television industry—and our hearts. Last night, we caught up with the handsome 37-year-old at the Fendi Men’s boutique opening at Takashimaya Shopping Centre for a little chit-chat. 

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From Singapore film ‘AJOOMMA to Oscar-winning motion picture ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ as well as Fendi’s latest menswear collection by Silvia Venturini Fendi, read on to find out what Tan had to share.

What are your thoughts on ‘AJOOMMA’, a film by He Shuming, that was selected as Singapore’s submission to the 2023 Academy Awards in the Best International Film category?

Well, I attended the ‘AJOOMMA’ screening and I think I’m very proud of this film. And it was great to see familiar faces like our very own Hong Huifang on the big screen. I think that the story is very simple yet extremely heartwarming. It really brings out the essence of our Singaporean aunties. So I think it was a very good film and I’m really proud of it.

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Where do you foresee the Singapore film industry heading towards?

I would say that I’m very confident of our film industry. And of the fact that we are actually having more opportunities to showcase our local identity to the rest of the world.

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What do you love most about what you do?

As an actor, I feel that I’ve enjoyed living different lives and also, getting more life experience through all the roles I’ve portrayed in TV shows.

What type of role would you love to play in a film or television series?

I would love to play a character in a Singapore adaptation of ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’.

What do you love most about fashion?

That I get to show my identity through my style.

What is your love language?

Empathy and compassion.

What do you love most about Fendi’s menswear line?

The thing I love most about Fendi’s menswear is that Silvia Venturini Fendi never stays in her comfort zone, and that she’s always looking for what’s next.

What do you love most about this store?

I really love the decor and ambience. It’s truly reflective of the Fendi spirit.

Lastly, what do you love most about your fans?

I’ve been in showbiz for about 12 years now, and they’re still very loyal and supportive. They’re always there for me at all of the events. Stay tuned for my latest TV drama, ‘SHERO’, coming out in June 2023.

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.