To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his hit “Blinding Lights,” The Weeknd tapped Rosalía for a fresh remix. The collaboration comes as a surprise, as the duo just announced news of their collaboration yesterday afternoon, then released the song hours later. In this new version, Rosalía opens the upbeat track in Spanish and a higher octave, and offers harmonies to The Weeknd’s catchy hook.

The Spanish singer apparently worked on the collab while recording the follow-up to her 2018 album, El Mal Querer. After dropping “TKN” with Travis Scott in May, she’s kept busy making music throughout quarantine. “I make music every day,” she told earlier this summer. “I have this little setup at home, and I’m writing. I’m producing. I’m working on arrangements. I’m recording some vocals. I’m working on new songs.”

Rosalía also teased that she’s experimenting with new sounds and ways to write. “I always hope that it’s a surprise when I share new music,” she said. That was certainly the case for her unexpected drop with The Weeknd.

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“Blinding Lights” was originally released in November 2019 as a single for The Weeknd’s album After Hours, which arrived months later in March. The track, which also became popular on TikTok this year, became the number one song of 2020, according to Billboard‘s Hot 100.

Just last week, the singer called out the Grammys after he was completely shut out of the 2021 award nominations. He did, however, land the huge honor of headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show next year.

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