Running a business is no easy feat but Nejla Matam-Finn from The Fifth Collection does it like a true boss with her Samsung Galaxy Fold in hand. When you are on the go constantly, you need a device that can do everything at once—where multi-tasking is key and everything you need is easily accessible.

With the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, you have 4.6-inches of display screen to play with before it folds out to reveal the tablet-sized, 7.3-inch main display with a more immersive view for all your entertainment needs. It fits nicely in your pocket when folded in, and opens out perfectly in the palms of your hands. Multitasking is seamless with its one-handed operation, where all your apps are within thumb’s reach. Use up to three apps simultaneously and revolutionize the way you multitask, just like Nejla!

Videography: Ewan Lim and Mark Chan
Video Editor: Ewan Lim
Creative Direction: Windy Aulia
Stylist: Gracia Phang
Hair and Makeup: Grego

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