When your model lineup consists of top models such as Soo Joo Park and Irene Kim, you know you’re in for a Show. And Fleamadonna did not disappoint with its sportswear and workwear inspired collection titled, Celebration.

Starting off as a progression of sporty pastels in mint, blue, lavender and pink, the soft shapes and party girl aesthetetic was rife here. This quickly transitioned into workwear staples: The blazer was refashioned into a more feminine silhouette, cinched in at the waist for a silhouette reminiscent of Dior’s New Look; the collared shirt was elongated and utilitarian pieces, such as the boiler suit, were all luxe-d up with silky fabrications (albeit in black).

Being a collaboration with Nike, how could the sportswear be absent? On top of having the models all wear Nike’s latest kicks, sportswear staples like the puffer jacket were turned into futuristic fashion pieces that kept close to the Fleamadonna girl’s identity.

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By Pakkee

Cover image credit: Instagram/@rbgraphy