Day 2 of Seoul Fashion Week started bright and early with the Rocket x Lunch FW17 show. Reputed to be one of the top shows this Fashion Week —which I’m learning means a guaranteed turn out of at least three big Korean celebrities — Rocket x Lunch was ready for liftoff the minute the lights dimmed. A bewildering montage of news, TV shows, documentaries and TV advertisements flickered across the giant screens, quite notably all of them were American, and then the first look emerged.

The focus of the clothes are clearly for the street, or, more importantly, street style. Statement pieces in pop brights and with eye-catching details such as fringe and tassels were attached to waists and boots (you know, the moving parts), all the better to capture the movement of the wearer’s body.

Corduroy was also back with a vengeance on the runway, as was denim, while sleeves were elongated past the wrist on sweaters. At the same time, “Disorder” was plastered on hoodies and t-shirts which the collection was anything but. It was a tightly edited collection that played to the audience’s current love of the high fashion normcore movement and will be sure to be hit in the new season.

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By Pakkee

Cover credit: Instagram/@pdhxyz

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