Getting the perfect blowout can be tricky, especially when we are dealing with a tropical climate that is humid 24/7. Not only do we have to worry about frizz, it’s also a constant challenge to prevent our hair from falling flat. As a result, many of us commit to way too many blowouts just to enjoy good hair days.

If you find it overly time-consuming (and pricey) to be running off to the salon every other day, Adam Reed, Co-Founder of UK-based hair brand, Percy & Reed, shows us four simple steps to get a sexy blowout all by yourself.

First things first, make sure you are equipped with a salon-strength blow dryer. Unlike conventional home-use hair dryers, salon-strength ones are more powerful and is able to deliver air flow at a higher pressure which greatly reduces your styling time. Ghd’s Air Hair Dryer has a powerful 2100W motor for shorter styling time. It also helps counter frizz with its unique ionic technology. Plus, it comes with power and temperature control while a cool shot of air can help set your style.

hair dryer
Air Hair Dryer, ghd

Step 1: Apply Primer On Hair

Just like a foundation primer, a hair primer also helps improve the longevity of other products that are used subsequently. Adam uses Percy & Reed’s Wonder Balm, $40, a lightweight balm that infuses hair with moisture, shine and seals cuticles to repel humidity so hair holds your desired style for hours on end. To ensure that the product is sufficiently and evenly coated, Adam uses about four to five pumps of product for over-the-shoulder length hair and combs through hair with a fine-toothed comb.

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Percy Reed
Wonder Balm, $40, Percy & Reed

Step 2: Divide Hair Into Sections

To make DIY styling easier and more efficient, be sure to divide your locks into sections. Start with the hair at the back of your nape, working up towards the crown.

Step 3: Start Blow Drying

To begin, point your blow dryer in a downward in a direction, and be sure to use a flat nozzle for a more concentrated air flow. This helps ensure that hair cuticles lay flat in a uniform manner to minimise frizziness. For a wavy effect, coil hair in a wide barrel brush as each section dries. Repeat all over for a healthy, bouncy finish.

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balmain hair couture
Ceramic Round Brush 55mm, Balmain Hair Couture

Step 4: Pump Up The Volume

As the last step, Adam spritzes Percy & Reed’s Big Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray, $38, generously through the lengths of hair, and works the products into the roots of the hair for larger than life volume. This traceless spray instantly builds volume and adds light texture for naturally lush locks. We also like Original & Mineral’s Atonic Thickening Spritz, $38, for those with fine and limp hair.

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original & mineral
Atonic Thickening Spritz, $38, Original & Mineral

By Joyce Cheo