With her petite frame, colourful locks and bold retro-inspired outfits, self-taught burlesque artist Sukki Singapora exudes a larger-than-life personality. But in reality, she’s shy and socially awkward—something she shared while starring on Netflix’s Singapore Social. When she’s not rehearsing for a performance or working on exciting projects, the little-but-lethal Sukki is busy advocating for women’s rights and works with charitable organisations dear to her heart, like The Sharan Project.

In between takes, Sukki shared with us a piece of advice she wished she was given prior to stepping into the spotlight:

Don’t doubt yourself. I think more often than not, I’m so tough on myself, and I push myself to the absolute limits. I’ve learned recently just to trust the process, breathe and know that I’ve got this. Lady Gaga said that there can be 100 people in a room and 99 can turn you down, but it just takes that one to believe in you. Well, I think that one should be ourselves.

Now a jet-setting local superstar in her own right, there’s more that lies ahead for Sukki beyond the little red dot. Here, she talks us through how she’ll be packing for her upcoming destination holiday to India – from must-have travel essentials to what’s in her beauty bag. Watch the video above to find out more about what she’ll be packing for this trip abroad and scroll through the gallery below for the items she can’t travel without.

Production: Navin Pillay and Shermin Ng
Video Editor:
 Stephanie Gracia
Location: The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

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