Tabitha Nauser is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most successful musicians in recent years—and for good reason. From starring in Netflix’s Singapore Social, a reality television series comprising local movers and shakers, to debuting her highly anticipated EP “things i should have said“, the singer-songwriter isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Part of what keeps her so busy is travelling—be it for business or pleasure, Nauser is no stranger to constantly hopping on and off a plane. Thankfully, having trotted the globe numerous times has helped Nauser master the art of packing. So, who better than Singapore’s very own R&B sensation to kickoff of the latest instalment of Travel Notebook? A series where we speak to bonafide world travellers for their tips and tricks on everything travel.

On this week’s episode Nauser gives us the full rundown on how she packs for a trip to London for Christmas, complete with beauty tips and sartorial recommendation. Watch the video to find out how she packs everything she needs into a cabin luggage, and scroll through the gallery below for items she can’t travel without.

Producer: Navin Pillay
Production Assistant:  Ievan Darwin
Video Editor:
  Stacey Rodrigues
Location: Naumi Hotel Singapore

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