We’ve heard of party-planning and wedding planning, but funeral planning is something that we don’t often think about. Of course why would we think about the day we expire? It’s a sad and depressing thought. But can we turn that thought around? What if you can plan your funeral exactly the way you want it to? Make it an event that leaves a lasting impression on earth. Forgo that solemn, somber ceremony and instead have a funeral that truly reflects who you are as a person. A final hurrah so that the people in your life will never forget how amazing you are and will probably miss you more now that you’re no longer around.

Apparently, this trend is nothing new. However, it is slowly catching on internationally! For instance, the Asia Funeral Expo is a yearly event where companies from all over the world (eg. caskets, urn designers, funeral makeup, etc) gather in Hong Kong to not only discuss the latest funeral trends, but also share their expertise with one another. They have the unique view of funerals being a celebration of an individual’s entire life rather than focusing entirely on the loss. These people have the perspective of looking at what they have gained from that person who passed instead. It’s optimistic and bittersweet. Certainly not for everyone but many appreciate the fact that they can gain control over their funeral, even after they are gone.

BAZAAR is hopping on this trend and employs the help of several top-notch planners to plan the ultimate final event! Funeral styling is apparently nothing new. Who wouldn’t want to be buried in a casket covered in Chanel’s interlocking Cs or the iconic Gucci Gs?! It’s not morbid, it’s called ‘Going Out In Style”. From the flowers to the final outfit, BAZAAR covers the bases of the most flamboyant funeral ceremony you can think of! All in good jest and fun of course! Watch the video above for the full experience. How would you plan yours?

Video from Harper’s BAZAAR US

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