The Bahamas: sunshine, sea, and paradise on earth. For music legend Lenny Kravtiz and actress, singer and model Zoë Kravitz, it’s the birthplace of their family, and a place attached with many fond memories. So, it came as no surprise when the father and daughter duo chose The Bahamas as the destination for their first film project together – business and travel bags brand TUMI’s Spring campaign. “When I was a kid, The Bahamas was like this magical place that my dad talked about a lot with so much love and passion. I think it always made him feel connected to his mom—my grandmother—who called it home,” said Zoë, “to me, this campaign is about connecting with ourselves, our roots, and with each other.”

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Photo: Courtesy of TUMI

And what better to bring on their voyage than their favourite new (and old) TUMI pieces? Lenny, who has been a fan of the brand ever since he first started touring, thinks that the luggage you travel with becomes an “extension of your home”. We couldn’t agree more, and neither can Victor Sanz, TUMI’s creative director. This season, Sanz adds a new instalment to TUMI’s core collection: Alpha 3. The new bags are updated with new high-function features like USB power ports and security zips, for more hands-free convenience – less fiddling with your luggage, more clicking priceless selfies with your loved ones.  The carriers retain TUMI’s most loved qualities, like its signature Ballistic Nylon, a material once used to protect soldiers from shrapnel. Suffice it to say, these bags aren’t getting scratched up anytime soon.

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It’s not just travel that gets a refresh, either. For the ever-busy, ever-stylish woman who wants both chic design and premium quality, TUMI introduces Maren: a new collection of briefcases, backpacks, and cross body bags in supple, quality leather. Losing your lip gloss in your bag – who has the time for that? Not the TUMI woman. Every bag features organizational structures, like dedicated spaces for your laptop, to make rummaging around in your bag a thing of the past.

The TUMI Alpha 3 Collection is now available on TUMI.SG and in all TUMI stores.

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