I’ll be honest: I love the benefits of masks but I hate how time consuming they can be. Like many other women out there, my skin type is combination, which basically means I have to deal with comedones and enlarged pores thanks to my very active sebum glands around my T-zone and dry patches on my cheeks. This also means that not only do I have to purify my skin regularly, I need to feed it with some intense hydration very often too.

L to R: HydraLife Pores Away Pink Clay Mask, Dior; Black Rose Cream Mask, Sisley; Cucumber Gel Mask, $81, PeterThomasRoth; Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask, $144, Fresh

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I remember when I was around 18, I experienced frequent breakouts and as a result, discovered the powers of a deep-cleansing mask. I religiously masked my skin for 15 minutes every week and the zits subsided. Note to 18-year-old self: this stuff works.

Fast forward to present day and thanks to always drinking insufficient water (I barely make 2L on average), plus my love for air-conditioning, my skin has also become susceptible to dehydration. And while I love catching up on Orange Is The New Black while kicking up my feet and relaxing to my favourite For Beloved One Bio-Cellulose mask, it isn’t always the easiest thing to make sure I do a deep-cleansing mask first. That requires discipline, which is something not many of us can say we have when it comes to skincare. Oh, don’t we all want things to be fast and easy?

Which is why the multi-masking concept is so genius. Since we already are all about multi-tasking, it is only natural to apply this way of living to our skincare regime. And because  I have combination skin, multi-masking means I can address multiple skincare concerns in the same period of time it used to take me to address just one.

For starters, it is absolutely important to start off with a clean slate. Make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly with your favourite cleansing products. And if your skin isn’t prone to sensitivity, commit to a regular exfoliation schedule as well. Once or twice a week is good enough, and you can combine exfoliation and multi-masking on the same day to reap maximum benefits (it will be like a DIY spa day!). I also like to mist my skin with a facial spray for a hydration boost. I find that when my skin’s moisture level is balanced, masks tend to also absorb better.

To begin, I applied Dior’s HydraLife Pores Away Pink Clay Mask. As its name suggests, it is formulated to draw out impurities in pores like grime and sebum to keep them clean and clear. A common ingredient in skincare products that aim to purify or deep cleanse, clay has a porous nature, which means it is able to attract these gunk from tiny crevices on your skin. Many clay masks also add in soothing or hydrating ingredients to prevent the clay from drying skin out. This one from Dior is enriched with jojoba extracts which conditions and softens skin.

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Next, when I get the occasional breakouts, I dab PeterThomasRoth Cucumber Gel Mask directly onto zits. This ultra-cooling mask is packed with botanical extracts that not only soothe angry zits but also help retain moisture as compared to pimple creams that might be effective in drying out blemishes, but also cause peeling. Which is why I love this one from PeterThomasRoth, as it calms and hydrates skin, making it perfect for occasions when I need to apply makeup over because my skin isn’t left dry.

And of course, I need to give a very different treatment to my dehydrated skin on my cheeks. Not only does Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask smell delightful, it doesn’t have the usual thick and heavy texture that you would normally associate with something that plumps, anti-ages and revitalises. More of a gel-cream texture, this one is packed with potent botanicals and algae extracts that hydrates and re-energises the skin while stimulating collagen production so there are both instantly visible and long-term benefits.

Finally, I also like to give my lips some TLC while the rest of my face is getting some love. Of course you can use your favourite lip balm or lip oil but if you ran out or don’t have anything specific for lips, you can always replace it with a face mask that’s nourishing or even a eye cream. I used Fresh’s Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask, an antioxidant- and hyaluronic acid-rich mask that smooths and plumps chapped lips. Let everything sit for about 15-20 minutes before using a warm towel to wipe off everything or rinsing off thoroughly for a renewed mien.

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By Joyce Cheo