5 Minutes With… Charlotte Lynggaard, Jewellery Designer

In town for the opening of its first flagship store at level 3 in Takashimaya, Charlotte Lynggaard – Creative Director and jewelry designer to high-end Danish jewelry brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen – sits down with BAZAAR and shares more with us about the new store and the brand over morning tea in the fresh and chic space.

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I always want customers to feel… comfortable – so they can sit on the couch there and have a cup of tea. It’s not always about buying our jewelry – we want them to feel welcome, be inspired and have a good time.

My favourite parts of the boutique are… these consultation tables. I’m very old-fashioned. They have a salon feel, much like the shop we just opened in Paris. There’s also a corner with a couch and pictures on the wall of the Lynggaard family when we were younger to provide a talking point for the customers.

I would introduce Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen to those new to the brand by… inviting them over for coffee and then showing them the pieces, sharing our history and showcasing our handcraft. We’re very proud of them as we combine old and new techniques to come up with them.

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I’m proud that Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is… a brand with a long history, timeless designs and is handcrafted to the highest quality. We have a lot of colours and precious stones in our collection. Our pieces are sophisticated yet so easy to wear. It’s sad when you have to put jewelry in a safe. It’s nice that we do not have to do that with our jewelry.

You can always expect… something new in our collection. If her first piece was a ring, she can always get a new ring and stack them. Sometimes you can buy more expensive pieces or more affordable pieces to create a new look.

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My favourite collection is… The snake – it’s different and unique. It’s also my dad’s (Ole Lynggaard) signature – he was very fascinated by Tutankhamun and the Egyptian history. The collection is also made very much for the younger generation who prefer smaller things, and it also looks cute on them.

Celebrities who embody the Ole Lynggaard brand are…
Nicole Kidman and Alicia Vikander!

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