Balmain Carbon Jewelry
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Balmain collaborated with Diamond Foundry, a company committed to producing carbon-neutral diamonds.

– Together, the brands created the Balmain x Diamond Foundry earring, relying on the latter’s above ground gemstones.

– The earrings hit the runway during Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show on September 27.

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Balmain is often one step ahead of the rest of its luxury couture minded ilk. Now, the Parisian fashion house has announced how it intends to remain at the forefront of sartorial direction–and it involves aboveground diamonds.

The brand has partnered with Diamond Foundry, the world’s only certified carbon-neutral diamond producer. The fruits of this duo is the first Balmain x Diamond Foundry creation: diamond line drop earrings set against circular, silver outlines, and inset with a deep blue rim. These regal earrings will make their debut on the runways of Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week Show, which will take place tomorrow at the Garnier Opera House.

The collaboration comes at a poignant point in fashion, one in which “sustainability” and “carbon footprints” have bled into the mainstream vernacular of both designers and consumers. Diamonds, in particular, have an outsized environmental and social impact. Diamond mining has often led to exploitative labor practices, soil erosion, and deforestation.

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Diamond Foundry set out to forge a different path for the diamond industry, introducing a method that uses solar technology to recreate the way in which diamonds form in nature, significantly reducing the environmental hazards associated with traditional mining.

“We are also determined to seek out collaborators who share our core values,” said Balmain CEO Massimo Piombini in a statement. “Knowing that Diamond Foundry can supply exceptional quality, while avoiding any negative environmental or social implications, made it very easy for us to make this decision.”

Martin Roscheisen, the CEO of Diamond Foundry, said, “This collaboration is the perfect marriage of two disruptive brands. It is a testament to the changing needs of the luxury consumers of today toward sustainable alternatives. With innovation at the core of Diamond Foundry, we are happy to witness designers gravitating toward our diamonds with impeccable origins.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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