From left: White gold Royal Oak Frosted Gold Selfwinding watch (34mm); black ceramic Royal Oak Selfwinding watch (34mm). (Photo: Harper's BAZAAR Singapore)

With one perceived as having firm roots within the masculine tradition, and the other the feminine realm, it might seem as if the worlds of Haute Horlogerie and Haute Couture have little in common—but nothing can be further from the truth. There is, after all, a shared obsession with perfection delivered through a host of revered métiers and a painstaking attention to detail, not to mention the marriage of time-honoured techniques and cutting-edge innovation to present novel propositions never seen before. And it is this intersection between fashion and watchmaking that Audemars Piguet’s explores for its newest fleet of Royal Oak for ladies.

Earlier in July, Audemars Piguet teamed up with fashion photographer and auteur Harley Weir—known for her distinct and intimate brand of modern femininity—for a set of evocative images starring top models Kätlin Aas, Adit Priscilla, Chinchin Hsu and Ola Rudnicka. “My inspiration for the shoot was to think about the way the watch was made and its different materials and then think about how the woman is made, what is part of her personality, what is her character, who she is,” Weir says of the campaign to showcase Audemars Piguet’s latest Summer collection of Royal Oaks for ladies.

If her photographs are anything to go by, then the Audemars Piguet woman is strong, independent and stylish to boot—much like the watches she wears. And no one’s going to tell her otherwise.

Take the new Royal Oak Selfwinding in black ceramic for example. Found in a comfortable 34mm size, the timepiece, which glimmers with pink gold accents and an alluring polish and satin brush finish, is like an LBD for the wrist: It’s versatile yet distinctive, understated but with a presence that begs a second glance. It’s a study in bold elegance and one that goes as easily with a power suit as it does a cocktail frock.

The 34mm Royal Oak Frosted Gold Selfwinding edition, on the other hand, offers women a showpiece that glitters with every move of the wrist without a diamond in sight—thanks to an ancient gold hammering technique (developed in collaboration with Florentine jewellery designer, Carolina Bucci) that leaves minute indentations on its surface for maximum refraction. Throw in an intriguing light blue dial into the mix and you’ve got sophistication with a hint of playfulness.

Pink gold and amethyst Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph watch (38mm), Audemars Piguet. (Photo: Audemars Piguet)

With the new 38mm Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph watch, luscious pink gold lays the stage for a standout purple dial encircled with a ring of 32 baguette-cut amethysts (~2.85 carats). This is a watch that offers equal measures of glamour and vivaciousness with a vibrant pop of colour that seems to change at every angle. It’s a timepiece designed to garner coveted glances from across the room with statement looks that spark instant joy on all who see it.

Pink gold and multi-stone (on bezel) Royal Oak Frosted Gold Double Balance Wheel Openworked watch (41mm), Audemars Piguet. (Photo: Audemars Piguet)

Then, there’s the pièce de résistance of the collection: The Royal Oak Frosted Gold Double Balance Wheel Openworked timepiece that offers several brand signatures in one stunning design. Available in two sizes of 37mm (in pink and yellow gold) and 41mm (in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold), the watch features the watchmaker’s openworked double balance wheel movement, the Selfwinding Calibre 3132, which can be admired on both sides of the watch. A rainbow of coloured gems surrounds the dial, accompanied by the Frosted Gold finish for added star power, resulting in a timepiece that marries the spirit of Haute Horlogerie and Haute Couture effortlessly.

With looks that are instantly recognised and admired, Audemars Piguet’s new Royal Oaks reinforce the watchmakers promise to women for timepieces that speak to who she is—in all her multifaceted, multihyphenated strength and beauty.

From left: Steel and pink gold Royal Oak Selfwinding watch (34mm); steel and diamond Royal Oak Selfwinding watch (34mm). (Photo: Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore)

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