Boucheron's Signature - Nuage de Fleurs Question Mark necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and in the case of Boucheron’s beloved Point d’Interrogation (or Question Mark) necklace, the saying definitely applies. So named for its sensuous, curvaceous form, the trailing adornment is bereft of clasps, employing instead an ingenious hidden spring system that allows women to easily coil it around their necks without breaking a nail. It’s revered haute joaillerie technique – seemingly so effortless and intuitive – answering the call of beauty; and despite the enquiring nature of its name, there’s no question that this necklace is a definite style statement punctuated by a thoroughly modern air.

Boucheron's Signature - Plume de Paon XL Question Mark necklace
Boucheron’s Signature – Plume de Paon XL Question Mark necklace is a faithful retelling of the original 1879 design

Created by founder Frédéric Boucheron in 1879, the necklace appeared at a time where women were dressed in bustles and corsets layered with flounces of fabric and frills. Jewellery was naturalistic and inundated with minute, lace-like details that complemented the fashion confectionaries of that time. The Question Mark necklace did away with all that superfluousness with one masterful stroke: Not only did it turn heads with its bold, asymmetric form that was so different from the designs of the day, it was also an adornment that women could put on themselves without the need for further help. In other words, with the necklace, Frédéric Boucheron gifted women a symbol of independence and empowerment, wrapped up in the world’s most precious metals and gems.

Boucheron's Signature - Lierre de Paris Question Mark necklace
The Signature – Lierre de Paris Question Mark necklace features emerald tremblant ivy leaves that move at the slightest touch

“The Boucheron style is above all a state of mind,” says Boucheron Creative Director, Claire Choisne. “This necklace encapsulates the philosophy of a Maison that throughout its history has incorporated in its creations the ethos of innovation with a focus on emotion, and the beauty of expression with a focus on women’s freedom. Its modernity—designed to promote freedom of expression—seems to have defied time, which for me is the hallmark of High Jewellery. And above all, its technical sophistication, almost imperceptible and invisible, is totally oriented towards emotion.”

Boucheron's Signature - Perles Question Mark necklace
Avant-garde and minimalistic, Boucheron’s Signature – Gouttes de Perles Question Mark necklace bears a single line of diamonds and pearls

Of course, it helps that the necklace has also proved itself a versatile stage – to be dressed up with an impressive range of motifs that span oversized peacock feathers and gilded baroque swirls to stylised butterflies and avant-garde pearls. Despite the myriad of designs and differing styles, the collection carries a consistent narrative that runs like a leitmotif through each and every necklace: An effortless ease and modern attitude that allows it to be worn and appreciated whether with a red-carpet gown, under a crisp white shirt or over a causal-chic white tee and jeans combo. Perhaps this explains how the Question Mark has become one of the jewellery world’s most endearing icons, instantly recognised, admired and loved: You can do no wrong with its stylish versatility.

Boucheron Marina Bay Sands Boutique
Boucheron’s revamped Marina Bay Sands boutique

To experience the Question Mark necklace and other Boucheron creations first-hand, visit the brand’s refurbished Marina Bay Sands boutique at L1-56, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (tel: 6737 1313).  

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