Love Everlasting: Cartier’s Iconic Love Bracelet Gets A New Look

Conceived by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, Cartier’s Love Bracelet — famously fastened by gold screws — has become a symbol of commitment and romance for jewellery lovers worldwide. Unusually for its era, the bracelet was designed to be oval-shaped, all the better to fit as closely as possible to the wrist (like those of Liz and Dick, who were fans). In addition, its graphic and Spartan appearance made it suitable for use by both men and women, enhancing its popularity and cementing its agelessness.

Now, the jeweller has introduced the latest update to the popular style, lightening the bracelet considerably for a more modern look look and enhancing its delicateness with a slimmer width.

A clingy piece of jewellery, then, that nobody would mind being bound to for life.

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