Clash de Cartier with Kaya Scodelario
Cartier’s Clash de Cartier campaign is fronted by actress, Kaya Scodelario

It’s not unusual for things to be described with diametrically opposed values: A silhouette is bold yet understated; the vibes, edgy yet feminine; an overall look, raw yet elegant. Like painting with watercolours, its a technique that allows us to draw in a spectrum of nuances where a single adjective falls flat. With Cartier’s new Clash de Cartier fine jewellery line, it’s precisely this duality and polarity that is pushed to the forefront and celebrated; and it’s what informs each design in the range.

Inspirations behind the Clash de Cartier collection
Inspirations behind the Clash de Cartier collection

Comprising hooped earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings crafted from yellow or pink gold, the baubles proudly feature rebel spikes and pyramid studs (otherwise known as clous carrés) to sophisticated effect. Even more surprising is the easy fluidity that its packed geometry offers, thanks to a mechanism – developed by Cartier’s jewellery workshop – that allows each element to move freely while holding them in place through precise magnetism.

Clash de Cartier Kaya Scodelario
The collection celebrates duality and everything in between

Angles are presented with soft curves, rounded planes are thrown in with flat surfaces. The collection takes delight in juxtaposition and subversion, resulting an unexpected look that’s still highly consistent with Cartier’s aesthetical DNA. (Think: The industrial spirit of Juste un Clou; or the high texture of Cactus de Cartier and Paris Nouvelle Vague.)

So expect a range of jewellery that has light dancing on its surfaces with every move and make way for the new icon that has taken its place in the Cartier pantheon.

Available in stores from 11th April, here’s a closer look at the range of designs.

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