chanel coco crush 2022 feature

The much-anticipated Chanel Coco Crush 2022 jewellery collection fronted by the K-pop superstar—Blackpink’s Jennie Kim—is here.

This jewellery collection is noted for its quilted motif that reinterprets the label’s signature matelassé emblem—as seen on the luxury label’s classic handbags—on precious metals. Here, the intersecting lines are reimagined over flawless, rounded edges, and polished to produce a brilliant shine.

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As de rigueur of Chanel’s fine jewellery collections, these latest pieces come rendered in yellow gold, white gold, and Chanel’s very own Beige Gold—an ethereally feminine and more subtle variant of rose gold—and are available with or without diamonds.

Chanel global ambassador Jennie Kim fronts the Coco Crush 2022 campaign. (Photo: Chanel)

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Its campaign features Jennie Kim alongside Adesuwa Aighewi, Giedre Dukauskaite, Cristiano Palmerini, and Matthew Bell, reenacting scenes of perfect encounters. Tying into the concept of its campaign narrative, the Coco Crush pieces’ minimalist designs follow its instinctive nature—to allow wearers to recreate a styled ring stack look for the day or worn on its own as one wishes. Perfection here—at least when it comes to how one feels most comfortably when put together—is meant to be in the eyes of its beholder. 

See all the latest Coco Crush jewellery pieces below.

chanel coco crush 2022 ring 01
Chanel Coco Crush Mini Rings in 18K White Gold and 18K Beige Gold with and without diamonds. (Photo: Chanel)
chanel coco crush 2022 ring 02
Chanel Coco Crush Small Toi et Moi Rings in 18K White Gold and 18K Beige Gold with diamonds. (Photo: Chanel)
chanel coco crush 2022 ring 03
Chanel Coco Crush Mini, Small, and Large Rings in 18K Beige Gold without diamonds. (Photo: Chanel)
chanel coco crush 2022 necklace 01
Chanel Coco Crush Necklace in 18K Beige Gold with Diamond. (Photo: Chanel)
chanel coco crush 2022 bracelet 01
Chanel Coco Crush Bracelets in 18K White Gold with diamonds and 18K Beige Gold. (Photo: Chanel)