Following Editor in Chief Kenneth Goh‘s extraordinary trip to the French Riviera, he sits down with Frédéric Grangié, President of Chanel Watches and Fine Jewellery, at La Pausa to find out more about the inspiration behind Chanel’s latest high jewellery collection: Flying Cloud.

Taking its name from a yacht belonging to Hugh Grosvenor, the second Duke of Westminster, and one of Coco Chanel’s lovers, the collection birthed a series of intricate jewellery that is informed by the coils and twists of sailor’s ropes and knots, but beautifully embellished with precious stones in the way that only the French luxury brand can pull off.

Watch our video above to find out more about the brilliant collection.

A video by Laureen Haag
Image: Stephane Flores
Editing: Laureen Haag

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